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Start or Reinvigorate a Spa Wellness Business

Start your spa business by envisioning the best possible concept for your spa. The concept will drive the spa design and the overall unique experience for your guest. Book a time to have a chat with Vivienne about this.


The next steps could be:

Spa concept development discussion

The concept development discussion is an exciting meeting where you get to articulate your dreams, your objectives and why you feel called to open a spa or wellness facility. This helps us define a suitable community, market, appropriate location, and square footage for your spa business, to mention a few key requirements. 


Visit your potential spa business site

Vivienne visits your proposed spa location, which allows her to see and feel the natural resonance and the potential of the area where you will create your new spa business. This is to help ensure the potential location suits the spa concept, business objectives, and market that you defined together in the concept development phase.


Start planning your spa business 

Vivienne helps you define practical next steps in your spa business planning such as:

  • Unmet needs of your potential guests
  • Structure
  • Logistical 
  • Financial
  • Strategy

These steps will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build a successful spa business plan.