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Natural skincare product development

Natural skincare product development

Developing a natural skincare brand for wellness consumers

Developing a line of natural body and skincare products delivers value as it incentivizes customer loyalty, boosts brand awareness and improves your bottom line. And it is a trusted take home for wellness consumers, for example, a fortification and extension of an in-spa treatment plus a reminder of a pleasurable spa experience.


What products do wellness consumers and spa goers want?

Wellness clients and spa goers nowadays are generally conscious consumers, seeking high-quality products that deliver results. Firstly, they want products that contribute to their sense of wellbeing and self-care. Secondly, they look for ingredients that do no harm to themselves, the environment, or the people involved in harvesting and processing the raw materials.

This trend aligns well with my expertise for creating professional skincare and body spa lines with ethically sourced natural ingredients. As a trained skin and aroma therapist, I select ingredients that contribute to the therapeutic results and sensations that spa clients demand, while avoiding adverse skin reactions.


How we can help  

I have been involved with creating spa brands – experiential, medical and environmentally protective –since 1990 and my experience spans all the areas mentioned in the list below. I and my team will help you avoid pitfalls and lead you through the complex process of product development, assisting you with:

  • Target market
  • Concept creation
  • Product specifications in line with concept
  • Formulation
  • Brand development
  • Design and packaging selection
  • Regulatory requirement and compliance
  • Product naming, descriptions, indications for use, translations
  • Professional treatment program development
  • Technical documentation and educational materials
  • Technical training
  • Product launch
  • Ongoing technical support and product innovation development


More information on skin care product development

Are you hankering to develop a skin and body care brand and are not sure where to start? Contact Vivienne to discuss your objectives and see how we can help you achieve your goal.