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About Us

About Us


It’s our philosophy that the spa and wellness business is a vehicle of transformation. We can be part of the change we deeply desire to see. 

The future of conscious business is all about the triple bottom line:

  – People

  – Planet

  – Profits


Our “Why”

Our purpose is to help entrepreneurs give birth to their dream of creating a space of wellness and healing in their community, and help grow it into a thriving business.

Our approach is holistic, which includes the grit work that makes a business profitable. When we started, we chose the name Spa Profits Consulting because we saw many spa businesses at that time failing financially. No matter how heartfelt its vision may be, a spa can only repay shareholder loans, pay employees, suppliers and contribute to the wellbeing of a community when it achieves profitability. Profits begin to flow when the purpose of an entrepreneur aligns with a need that can be filled. And profitability enables a spa business to expand its contribution to the wellbeing of all—to be truly sustainable. 


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Our Approach – Authenticity &Wellness

Our logo—a tile on a spa floor—signifies the importance that an entrepreneur have clarity of purpose, mission and objectives, which breeds authenticity. Without an authentic concept and vision a spa is nothing more than bricks and mortar. Conversely, an authentic concept and vision give birth to a secret sauce which is a pulsing resonance, acting like a heartbeat and pumping purpose to every aspect of the spa wellness facility. It is intangible yet so palpable that its magnetic force attracts like-minded professionals and consumers who become broadcast evangelists for the wellness spa facility. We can help you clarify and communicate this intangible to team members, spa guests, consumers, community and media.


How We Can Help

  1. Experienced spa development counsel to help realize your dreams. We listen and hear what is yearning to be born, and with this seed, craft plans and structures to house your vision.
  2. Confidential consulting & coaching. We create a confidential space for spa leaders and owners to access wisdom, experience and feedback to help address operational challenges, employee and customer issues, and to gain strategies to increase engagement.
  3. Strategic direction. Far too often, spa leaders are snowed under with the myriad of details needed to keep the day to day operations running smoothly. We go on site to assess the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities to explore today’s rapidly changing business environment.
  4. Quality management systems. We curate quality management for your specific requirements and objectives to uphold consistency, quality and mitigate risk.
  5. Skin and body care product and brand development. We create product concepts and profiles, technical product benefit sheets (with key selling statements), technical manuals and protocols for this important aspect of your brand communication.
  6. Inspirational speaking. We can help inspire your spa team to appreciate how privileged they are to be able to help people in need of love, care and respite in concert with your vision and mission.
  7. Writing on wellbeing. We can translate the latest wellness research findings on the mind body connection for therapeutic programs, technical protocols, manuals, brochures, and online content.
  8. Spa at home. Have you ever wanted to create a spa in the privacy of your own home, cottage or yacht? We can help you with all the essential elements from start to finish.

Every small business has a ripple effect for its owners, staff, customers and community. We know that spas and other wellness enterprises can profoundly impact the wellbeing of a community, in some circumstances causing a transformation of a whole neighborhood.

Spa Profits was created to help entrepreneurs give birth to their dreams of creating such a space of wellness for the body, mind and spirit. We share our experience, insight, and wisdom in order to cultivate and create a center of excellence that underpins the foundations of wellness for all of your spa’s stakeholders.