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About Us

Vivienne O'Keeffe, Principal of Spa Profits Consulting team

Vivienne O’Keeffe (CIBTAC, AAD, PEA) – Principal 

Vivienne has consulted to the spa industry in North America, Asia and Europe since 1994, covering all aspects from envisioning unique concepts through to development, implementation, launching and growing enterprises. Vivienne personally oversees every detail of a project, using her wide technical skill set developed through  hands-on spa industry involvement. Her expertise in risk management and quality systems enable her to create for each spa guest an experience that is consistent, world-class, memorable and restorative.


Janet Carmichael

Janet Carmichael (CPA) – Chartered Professional Accountant

Janet has nearly a decade of experience directly in the spa and cosmetic medicine industry. She has been described as “not your typical accountant” and often provides creative solutions to business challenges.

Janet loves working with business owners and helping them to reach their business goals. Her commitment to excellence and strong ethical values make her a trusted partner.



Sue Ansell (BA, CNP) – Nutrition, Communications, Documentation  

Sue works closely with Vivienne and clients to create the extensive documentation required – such as policies, procedures and protocol manuals – pertaining to human resources, client care, financial and operational aspects.  These documents are designed specifically for your business, building a quality standards system. Sue’s diverse range of skills include over 20 years’ experience in writing online and print marketing material and company documentation for the publishing, engineering and financial industries; translating (French-English); administration; and holistic nutrition consulting.


Beverley Curtis – Product & Equipment Research, Development & Sourcing

Beverley has been part of the Spa Profits team for the past 15 years and holds qualifications in landscape design and spa quality systems. Her creativity and proven organizational skills have been integral to the success of the team. Beverley’s avid love of quality spa experiences and skincare products in concert with her keen insight into the psychographic needs of consumers have been invaluable assets in the selection of unique products and equipment for clients.


How We Can Help Your Spa

  1. Experienced spa development counsel to help realize your dreams. We listen and hear what is yearning to be born, and with this seed, craft plans and structures to house your vision.
  2. Confidential consulting & coaching. We create a confidential space for spa leaders and owners to access wisdom, experience and feedback to help address operational challenges, employee and customer issues, and to gain strategies to increase engagement.
  3. Strategic direction. Far too often, spa leaders are snowed under with the myriad of details needed to keep the day to day operations running smoothly. We go on site to assess the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Then together we develop strategies to help you achieve your objective.
  4. Quality management systems. We curate quality management for your specific requirements and objectives to uphold consistency, quality and help mitigate risk.
  5. Skin and body care product and brand development. We create product concepts and profiles, technical product benefit sheets (with key selling statements), technical manuals and protocols for this important aspect of your brand communication.
  6. Inspirational speaking & training. We can help inspire your spa team to appreciate how privileged they are to be able to help people in need of love, care and respite in concert with your vision and mission.

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