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Life Goes On: Losing, letting go and living again

Posted by on February 17, 2014 in Wellness

Life Goes On: Losing, letting go and living again

Gail Boulanger’s Life Goes On is a practical book about how to gently and effectively navigate our way through all types of grief and loss. Throughout our lives, we become attached to people, places, pets, events and things. We also become attached to our health and well being. When that attachment is threatened or broken, we grieve. Grieving is a natural, normal, healthy process of integration that occurs over time. It can help us move from feeling stuck to feeling free.

Boulanger draws on her personal and professional experience to create characters who illustrate the nuances of how to effectively process grief. Through engaging stories well anchored in real life, we learn that grieving is a skill that allows us to identify our losses, acknowledge our pain, bring closure and move on with life.

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