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The strength of Spa Profits

Posted by on September 22, 2013 in Blog

The strength of Spa Profits

Someone recently asked me, what are my strengths as a spa consultant? No one likes to boast, but when you own a business, you do have to understand what sets you apart so that you’ll know when a project is a good fit.

When I began in this business, the spa industry was in its youth. There were not enough seasoned spa professionals to fill all of the positions being created as more spas popped up with the phenomenal growth. Spa Profits Consulting grew grassroots as I guided others to success early on through my deep experience in the skincare industry.

The forte of Spa Profits Consulting reflects my personal strength to focus on the details beyond and above. As a team, we continuously expand our knowledge while the industry rapidly evolves, exploring Europe for the latest in technology and cutting-edge products. My work with Leading Spas of Canada strengthens our performance by helping others achieve the coveted Spa Quality Assurance. This affiliation furthers my ability to bring the highest level of performance to a project.

I believe we can do so much good. I love helping a client’s inner yearnings to take form. I’m blessed that Spa Profits grew from a need as it gives me the opportunity to pick projects I am passionate about and work with people who share this passion. The company is an outlet that supports my personal nature of being focused on achieving the goals for the client; a win-win for myself and the client.

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