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If you are wondering how to start up a wellness day spa or hotel spa, we can help dream your spa business into reality – every step of the way from first concept to spa opening – and help you with sustaining its growth.


Visit some of our award winning concepts, including The Spa Ritual, Calgary, winner of the 2011 International Spa Excellence Level 4 Certification and the 2013 Quality Assurance Industry Award.

Sante Spa Victoria
Sante Spa Victoria, Nature’s Mountain Retreat,...
The Spa Ritual, Calgary
The Spa Ritual, which opened in 2008, is now...
Santé Spa at Hotel Le Germain, Calgary

Santé Spa at Hotel Le Germain, Calgary is the ultimate urban sanctuary, a perfect balance to the adrenaline-fueled pace of modern life.

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Vivienne O’Keeffe AAD, PEA, CIBTA Founder and CEO

Vivienne O’Keeffe AAD, PEA, CIBTA
Founder and CEO


Spas are wonderful for improving the health and well-being of customers, but how about the owners’ bottom lines? Is your spa’s balance sheet shimmering with vitality, or fading like old parchment?

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