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Spa Profits Consulting Team

Spa Profits Consulting Team


Spa Profits Consulting team specializes in assisting wellness spa clients (resort, day, destination, medical and experiential spas) to grow their businesses using this method:

Start with a clearly defined concept

Create an authentic spa vision and mission statement 

Cultivate the cultural authenticity of the spa 

Develop, implement or improve spa systems



Vivienne O’Keeffe, founder and principal of Spa Profits Consulting Inc., is recognized internationally for her expertise in many areas, including wellness spa concepts, therapeutic programming, business development and risk management.

Vivienne is European-trained in beauty therapy, aromatherapy, macrobiotic nutrition and physical education. Growing up in Ireland, she learned from her mother the value of harvesting local flora to nourish the body and the power of therapeutic bathing to restore health and vitality. Vivienne would go on to study herbology, hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy and balneotherapy.

A Spa Quality Certified Consultant since 2005, Vivienne has been active professionally in the spa industry from 1986, winning frequent commendations from her clients for her commitment and quality of work. She is a member of the International Spa Association (ISPA), Spa Industry Association of Canada, and International Management Consultants USA (IMC).

Vivienne is passionate about developing quality systems for sustainability and growth, and for finding ways to mitigate the effects of risk to spas, spa owners and spa goers. Always ready to contribute towards the betterment of the industry, Vivienne has been an instrumental member of the Standards and Practices Committee for the Spa Industry Association of Canada since its inception, sharing her knowledge and experience of standards, practices, risk management and quality systems.

Author of a wide range of published media, Vivienne is a sought-after guest speaker at spa and wellness industry events, addressing such topics as concept development, therapeutic programming, spa and wellness facility design, spa treatment modalities, risk management, compensation and commissions, and public relations.



Vivienne leads and carefully selects the Spa Profits Consulting Team, per project, for knowledge and experience. Let us assist you with pre-opening, launching, managing, and expanding your business, while respecting and protecting your commercial information with strict confidentiality.

We work with your architect and your interior designer to create a safe, functional, enriching guest experience. Vivienne provides you and your spa team with pre-opening operational and technical protocols, and training.

We are dedicated to your success.


Qualifications: Vivienne O’Keeffe

    • Oncology Aesthetics Foundation Training (2016)
    • Spa Quality Certified Consultant (2005)
    • Confederation of International Beauty Therapy (1985) – Honours diploma in body and facial therapy and electrolysis (CIBTAC)
    • Clinical Aromatherapy Certification (1985)
    • Confederation of International Beauty Therapy (1985)
    • International Advanced Esthetics Diploma (1985) – Honours diploma in advanced body and face therapy, heat and light therapy, electrotherapy and lymphatic drainage. First prize for thesis “Aromatherapy” (AAD)
    • PEA in Exercise & Health accreditation (1986)